Moroso | Our Products
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Luxury. Elegance. Masterpiece

The level of your comfort and your capacity for happiness are connected. This is the idea on which all Moroso products are made. People don’t just buy a piece of furniture just because it looks good or feels comfortable. They buy furniture which reflects their personality. This is why we build furniture with character, furniture that spells luxury from every angle.

Every piece is uniquely crafted with meticulous attention to details. You may see a sofa that is comfortable to rest on but for us our reputation rests on every piece of furniture we make. A reputation built across two decades of innovative designs and consistent quality standards.

Your desire for good living deserves furniture that meets the demands of a critical and discerning eye. Our designers are passionate about merging aesthetic ideals with practical comfort.

Our craftsmen are obsessed with excellence and precision. The highest quality control standards mean that only the most premium materials are used.


All this means that every product that bears the Moroso name has a certain standard to live up to. From an artistic point of view as well as taking into account practical considerations, each piece of furniture is designed to adorn your living room as well as enrich your comfort and living standards.


You acquire furniture but what you gain is a tradition. When a sofa or any other furniture from Moroso comes into your possession, you are investing in a fine tradition of quality and luxury that has over 20 years of excellence behind it.