Moroso | Our Story
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Moroso has been crafting excellence since 1994. Our brand produces furniture with character. We have manufactured sofas that represent the best of comfort and luxury for over 20 years and are still doing it until today.

A brand built exclusively by T.H.L Sofa Sdn. Bhd., a company founded by Heng Yong Lai, we started as a small manufacturer of leather sofas which soon become well known for its excellent quality standards, impeccable workmanship, premium materials, and an extensive range of colors, designs as well as models. Slowly throughout the years, T.H.L established itself as a major national player in the furniture industry in Malaysia and has now earned a mark of recognition in the international market too.  

Our products under the Moroso brand indicate premium leather furniture. We pride ourselves on creating furniture products that give a new meaning to the term, luxury. We strive for perfection in every piece of furniture we make by paying attention to the smallest detail that is often neglected.

Only the best and finest materials are used, be it the leather, the wood or the internal frame that is used to craft a piece of luxury furniture. We make sure that all materials used are of the highest quality standards by carefully inspecting and testing them, including the screws used within the sofa. We do so because we believe our clients deserve nothing but the best.

At Moroso, we create perfection by the rule. Every single component plays a vital role in our craftsmanship. So everything must be given enough attention. We do this so we can ensure that our furniture stands the test of time, offering luxury standards and comfort levels that endure.

We are consistently improving and fine-tuning our craftsmanship in order to produce the best-desired quality. We attribute the value and recognition of our name to the level of satisfaction we are able to deliver to our clients in a consistent manner and thank them for their continuous support of our brand.

We also want to make it possible for more customers to have access to high-quality standard products by making them more affordable. We offer products that are available in a very competitive price range while maintaining world-class quality standards.

Always At Your Service,